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Product no.: OIPR
A must-have book regarding employer rights and responsibilities in dealing with what some might perceive as an adversarial OSHA.
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Product no.: OoMM
An amazing collection of editorials written over the past two decades on Laboratory Safety, published April 2011 and written by James A. Kaufman, Ph.D.
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Product no.: OSIG
Provides a model chemical hygiene plan, an implementation checklist and a copy of the lab standard. Written and on disk.
$249.95 *
Product no.: OYP
Comb-bound paperback is a list of at least one hundred twenty-five major lab accidents which have occurred over the past one-hundred years.Updated in 2013 edited by James A. Kaufman, Ph.D.
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Product no.: PCL
Reinforce chemistry principles with sixty engaging labs.
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Product no.: PPLHDC2010
Prudent Practices in the Laboratory--the book that has served for decades as the standard for chemical laboratory safety practice--now features updates and new topics. This revised edition has an expanded chapter on chemical management and delves into new areas, such as nanotechnology, laboratory security, and emergency planning.
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Product no.: PPWML
K. Leigh Leonard 1995- This nuts and bolts book addresses specific waste minimization and pollution prevention techniques that work in specific types of laboratories for specific wastestreams.
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Product no.: PYP
How our mad dash to chemical utopia is making lab rats of us all. Pick Your Poison by Monona Rossol, published 2011. 256 page hardcover.
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Product no.: RGHCITW
4th Edition by Sax and Lewis - Get fast, ready access to essential information on the dangerous properties of industrial materials in the millennium workplace.
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Product no.: SACLV1

Volume 1, ACS, 7th Edition

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Product no.: SAIM
ACS, 38 pages
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Product no.: SAS
Carol Silverman Saunders Grades K-12, 1994 Safe at School is the best kind of bedside reading - the kind that makes you sleep more soundly at night knowing you're taking steps to ensure the safety of your child.
$14.95 *
Product no.: SCSLHT
Kelly Ryan, Esq
$20.95 *
Product no.: SHCW
The only way to completely eliminate the health effects associated with hazardous materials is to eliminate the material. How and when should dangerous chemical products be replaced with safer products? This books answers this question and more.
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Product no.: SIE
The new standard for safety in the elementary science classroom second edition. Edited by Markow, Roy and Kaufman. 130 Pages, 2010, comb bound book. This publication covers some nice simple experiments that teachers can do with their students. Explained are the materials needed, how to set up and the experiment.
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Product no.: SITCBCL
Andre Picot, 1995 - Provides knowledge that will aid in the analysis, detection and minimization of safety risks.
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Product no.: SITESC
Flipchart by NSTA - Safety in the Classroom is an indispensable quick reference you’ll be glad to have hanging around your room. This guide offers assistance in identifying safety concerns. It includes a checklist on first aid, field trips, as well as fire prevention and control
$14.95 *
Product no.: SITMSSC
Flipchart by NSTA - Safety in the Classroom is an indispensable quick reference you’ll be glad to have hanging around your room. This guide offers assistance in identifying safety concerns. It includes a checklist on first aid, field trips, as well as fire prevention and control.
$14.95 *
Product no.: SLSM3

Science Laboratory Safety Manual (3rd edition) is the means by which K- college
science teachers, school administrators, science safety facilitators / consultants,
school district administrative personnel, school district instructional consultants,
CHOs, Safety Officers, college / university personnel and volunteers, and
parent(s)/guardian(s), architects and others can help facilitate those safety
strategies for safer science investigations. Ultimately, it is science teachers who
are responsible for teaching the state/local science standard courses of study
and Next Generation Science Standards safely through safer
engagement/investigations. Embracing appropriate safety protocols not only
make it safer for students and teachers, they also help to keep science teachers
and their schools out of harm’s way legally!

$98.00 *
Product no.: SMGFM
A safety management program that blends management commitment with employee involvement is the key to meeting the myriad safety challenges in any organization. Joseph Gustin’s Safety Management: A Guide for Facility Managers, Second Edition addresses the complexities of safety management in detail, explaining how to systematically identify, evaluate, and prevent hazards.
$109.00 *
Product no.: SPE
Edited by the AAPT Committee on Apparatus, Safety in Physics Education is intended to create an awareness of safety, to encourage safe habits, and to teach respect for potential safety hazards. This manual is intended for a broad audience in the physics teaching community. It can be used across the spectrum of experimental and demonstration activities -- from elementary to advanced undergraduate laboratories. (121 pp.) Product Code OP - 67
$18.95 *
Product no.: SSBP
A need-to-know primer on critical safety issues for science educators, by Ken Roy. Volume 1, March 2002 2nd edition May 2014
$24.95 *
Product no.: SSBP2
A need-to-know primer on critical safety issues for science educators, by Ken Roy. Volume 2, December 2014
$24.95 *
Product no.: SSITCC
By John Summers, Juliana Textly and Terry Kwan. Grade Level: College - Specifically designed to help two-year college faculty—including adjunct faculty—lay a good safety foundation for students in introductory science courses—even when they have widely differing science backgrounds.
$24.95 *
Product no.: SSLC
2nd Edition by David A. Pipitone
$247.00 *
Product no.: WDIAI
Edited by Dr. James Kaufman, 195 page book - Containing articles on waste disposal from an ACS symposium, 1990
$249.95 *
Product no.: WEHLB
Doan J. Hansen, 1992 368 pages This book covers important topics such as the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and how to comply, the resurgence of tuberculosis and how to protect against it, good work practices in any laboratory (including biosafety concepts, levels, and controls), how to respond to spills in the laboratory, medical waste disposal, and how to comply with the Laboratory Safety Standard.
$249.95 *
Product no.: WSCLS
2nd Edition by Hugh B. Kareful
$16.95 *
Product no.: WSGWHS
An introduction to lab safety for students. Helps them get acquainted with what is expected of them in a work setting.
$9.95 *
Product no.: TSLS
This newly revised 2011 resource guide, written by a teacher for teachers, was designed to stimulate thinking and promote safety awareness among students at all levels. Lesson plans with an array of activities plus fully editable presentation slides, forms, checklists and contracts will provide you with key elements for conducting safe and exciting laboratory activities. Look further to view a sample of this guide.
$39.95 *
51 - 81 of 81 results