Introduction to School Science Safety K-12

Introduction to School Science Safety K-12

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As an introduction package, you will spend 60 minutes learning about 4 important topics that will affect how you view safety in school science labs. After which will be a 30 minuet question an answer period. Our webinars are presented through go-to-meeting and with this package we will work with you to set up a time and date that is best for both our schedules.

You can have as many people around a single connection at the time of the webinar. Should more connections be needed, such as someone cannot be at the same location but would like to attend, this will be discussed at the time of scheduling.

Topics to be covered:

Choices – Life is full of choices but sometimes it doesn’t feel like you have any choice. Here we will discuss how we do have choices and how these choices affect us and those we teach.

Accidents – LSI has been collecting anecdotal accounts of lab accidents for over 35 years. In this section we share some stories. They are powerful examples, make lasting impressions, and serve as a graphic reminder. The stories have been published in our series, Learning By Accidents Volume 1, 2 & 3.

Legal Aspects - One of the unfortunate outcomes of accidents is a lawsuit. Liability and negligence issues can’t be ignored in today’s lab operations. In this section we explain the types of negligence, the responsibilities of teachers and school administrators, and how to reduce the likelihood of lawsuits.

Planning for Emergencies - What are the twelve most common types of lab emergencies? What immediate action should be taken? How should you prepare to deal with those emergencies? Sadly, less than five percent of the more than 35,000 scientists and science educators we’ve spoken to have been discussing these emergency situations with their colleagues or written plan to deal with them.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive either a phone call or email to set up the date and time for this webinar.

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