Biological Safety: Principles and Practices

Biological Safety: Principles and Practices

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The fourth edition of Biological Safety: Principles and Practices continues the format of the previous edition, focusing closely on infectious and toxic biological agents and their identification and control. Written by authorities with decades of experience in the field, this newest edition examines significant developments throughout the field and discusses current regulations including those handed down from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Chapters outline the human, animal, and agricultural considerations of a wide range of specific bio-hazards, from pathogenic organisms, viruses, prions, and cell cultures, to toxins and allergens. Numerous chapters detail practical systems for bio-hazard control. A brand-new chapter details critical safety considerations in a maximum containment (BSL 4) laboratory. Appropriate updates have been made to chapters carried over from the third edition, and a host of new contributors offer fresh perspectives on topics such as packaging and shipping of biological materials.

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