DISC 6: Ventilation, Electrical Safety, Your Worst Problem

DISC 6: Ventilation, Electrical Safety, Your Worst Problem

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I discuss the types of ventilation in a building and the public health recommendations for fresh air. Then, I shift to laboratories and fume hoods, their use and misuse. There are several types of chemical fume hoods. The various types and their operation are reviewed.

Electrical Safety
Here is an area of lab safety that most lab workers don’t understand. Ninety-nine percent of the people I speak to were never taught the correct way to plug in a two prong unpolarized plug. You’ll learn that here along with a graphic and musical demonstration of why ground fault interrupters are necessary.

Your Most Serious Problem
Now you are going to sit in on the discussion by the seminar participants of their most serious lab safety problem. I’m sure many of them might well be yours as well.

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