DISC 3: Fire Control, Condition of Employment, Labeling, Biological and Animal

DISC 3: Fire Control, Condition of Employment, Labeling, Biological and Animal

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Fire Control
Can you explain the difference between flash point and auto-ignition temperature, between detonation and deflagration, between fire triangle and fire tetrahedron? How many gallons of flammable liquid should you have in your lab? Which fire extinguisher is right for which kind of fire and what’s the easy way to remember? Where are the hidden sources of ignition?

A Condition of Employment or Acceptable Behavior
This short section is one the most important in the whole course. Here, I provide some solid reasons why working safely must be a condition of the classroom. That’s right students need to be discharged from your classroom that don’t follow the safety rules.

What is the essential information that belongs on a label? I cover some labeling systems and describe the kinds of problems that result from poor labeling practices.

Biological and Animal Hazards
Infection is the biggest problem. Five percent of lab infections result in death. Appropriate precautions are discussed along with other bio lab hazards including fieldwork.

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