DISC 1: Introduction, Scope of Problem, Legal Aspects

DISC 1: Introduction, Scope of Problem, Legal Aspects

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Safety is really just a matter of choices. But, you are not free to choose unless you know the choices. And, equally importantly, you don’t make the best choices unless you understand the consequences. This course teaches about the choices and the consequences in a way that makes them both fun and memorable.

Scope of the Problem
Life is filled with hazards. Labs have them too, but that’s just part of life. Tens of thousands of people die and millions are injured each year. Billions of dollars are wasted. And yet, the solution is clear, simple, and obvious. By taking the time to make health and safety an integral and important part of science education, work, and life, we can live safer, healthier, longer lives.

Legal Aspects
One of the unfortunate outcomes of accidents is a lawsuit. Liability and negligence issues can’t be ignored in today’s lab operations. In this section we explain the types of negligence, the responsibilities of supervisors and employees, and how to reduce the likelihood of lawsuits.

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