K & A Laboratory Safety & Health Audio Course

K & A Laboratory Safety & Health Audio Course

Product no.: AV04LSHAC-CD

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Contains one CD consisting of four hours of recorded lectures and a 170 page workbook.

An important concern for every industrial and academic laboratory is an effective safety and occupational health program. This audio course helps you meet this vital need. Become familiar with the A to Z basic guidelines for safe laboratory practices and master prudent safety methods. You'll also discover the secrets of laboratory safety and…

•Be able to minimize your risk of exposure •Know about the law and how it protects you •Effectively use safety equipment and protective facilities.

You'll also cover a variety of safety and health related topics, including safety philosophy, federal regulations, occupational illness, known carcinogens and more. You'll gain an understanding of the necessary guidelines for dealing with accidents in the lab and for making health and safety an integral part of effective lab practices.

*Additional workbooks can be ordered under LSI Publications for $29.95

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