Introduction to Laboratory Safety

Introduction to Laboratory Safety

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This is a cost effective way to train new employees or provide a refresher course for everyone working in a laboratory setting. Safety is overlooked all too often and it’s time to address the issue! If you are looking for a comprehensive introduction to safety, then look no further.

Our course provides two DVDs for a combined total of 3 hours of training. You receive a 270 page notebook containing wonderfully compiled references, guides, information and resources. This book alone sells for $89. You also receive the PowerPoint slide print outs from the presentation pdf format, all packaged together in an interlocking three ring binder!

The notebook provided with this DVD package, is the same notebook we use for our one-day, two-day and 24 hour Lab Safety Short Courses. Our book is organized in a way that it can be used with all our major courses and has all the material that would be covered in our most extensive 24 hour course. When you purchase this product, we will give you a full year where you can call or email us with any questions you have regarding lab safety!

Please note that as with any of our DVD or Audio courses, the purchase of the single item is for single use only not for electronic distribution. You may lend the item out to those within the same organization or show it at meetings, however, placement of any video or audio on the internet or intranet is not permitted unless you purchase a license to do so. Cost for a license varies by use please contact with any inquiries.

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