Two-Day Short Course Complete Set

Two-Day Short Course Complete Set

Product no.: AV01

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DVDs included:
#1: Introduction, Scope of the Problem, Legal Aspects.
#2: OSHA Lab Standard, Accidents.
#3: Fire Control, A Condition of Employment, Labeling, Biological and Animal
#4: Handling Glassware, Eye and Face Protection, Record keeping.
#5: Planning for Emergencies, Day-Two Introduction, Handling Chemicals.
#6: Ventilation, Electrical Safety, Your Worst Problem.
#7: Storage and Disposal of Chemicals.
#8: Safety Equipment Display, Needs Assessment, Employee Involvement, Safety Program Planning and Concluding Comments.

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Each program features Dr. James Kaufman conducting a live course. You will be able to view the PowerPoint presentation as it is given and follow along in your copy of the course book.

Please note that as with any of our DVD or Audio courses, the purchase of the single item is for single use only not for electronic distribution. You may lend the item out to those within the same organization or show it at meetings, however, placement of any video or audio on the internet or intranet is not permitted unless you purchase a license to do so. Cost for a license varies by use please contact with any inquiries.

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