Learning By Accident Volumes 1, 2, and 3

Learning By Accident Volumes 1, 2, and 3

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Learning By Accident (Volumes I, II and III, The Laboratory Safety Institute, 1997 & 1999, 2003) are the series of compiled, anecdotal accounts of laboratory accidents. These informative and educational publications chronicle 500 actual laboratory accidents and incidents in an organized, accessible style. Heading topics include accident summaries for chemicals, equipment, materials, and environment in a broad scope of settings, including academic biology and chemistry, hospital, industrial and government research facilities.

The easy to locate information is presented alphabetically by topic, cross-referenced by entry and fully indexed. In addition to a full spectrum of chemical hazards, individual entries often include precautionary advice. Examples are remedies to medical injury, proper technique and handling of volatile material, preventative behavioral modification, and adequate communication such as distinct labeling and per-exposure instruction.

This collection of close call and accident reports by academic and industrial professionals is a necessary addition to all science labs. Along with its value as a teaching tool and precautionary guide for accident prevention, Learning By Accident (Volumes I, II & III) are excellent insurance toward reducing liability, negligence and possible litigation in the science laboratory, as well as daily life.

Fariba Majtabai, Ph.D., Research Associate, and James A. Kaufman, Ph.D., Director of The Laboratory Safety Institute edited volumes I & II of Learning by Accident. Teresa Robertson, Cal State Bakersfield, and James A. Kaufman edited volume III.

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